Theory 2.0 + Grace Rosenstein Inc. 


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I'm Grace

A young professional, female-business owner, Theory customer, millennial dreamer and the proud Owner/Principal Designer at Grace Rosenstein Inc. As an interior designer, my greatest responsibility is to make sure my client's brand, values and lifestyles are reflected in the spaces they occupy.  I believe a well-designed space can make one's attitude brighter or team more productive and collaborative. I would describe my personal style and design aesthetic as classic, refined, and elegantly modern. I value sustainability, quality and productivity. I believe we are the perfect match.

Grace Rosenstein Inc. (GRI) is a New York-based design firm. Our team is small and that's the way we like it. GRI consists of me (business owner, creative lead and designer), Kylie (associate designer) and Ashley (bookkeeper, business operations).  We have worked predominantly in the high-end residential design sector of the industry, but also have experience with commercial projects. We pride ourselves on our creative design development, practical process and transparent communication to deliver all phases of our projects from concept to reality. In addition to our designs, our ability to execute against goals, budgets and timelines sets us apart.We would love to be considered for the re-imagined Theory 2.0 workspace and café design. We are an excellent fit for this project as our branding, values and objectives are well-aligned!





We are passionate, driven designers with a fresh perspective.