Meet Kylie Bass

We are excited to welcome Kylie Bass to the team! Kylie comes to us from Victoria Hagan Interiors where she gained valuable design experience. As a Design Associate, Kylie will play an integral part on all our current projects by sourcing fabrics and furniture, being an extra pair of hands at installs and managing project and delivery schedules.  Kylie is a hard worker and she has a natural ability to connect with and understand client's objectives and needs. I know you will enjoy working with and getting to know her as much as we do already!



Q / What is your favorite part of the design process?

All of it, really. From the initial design inspiration to fabric/furniture scheming to execution, I love seeing a project come together from start to finish. Having the ability to change a part of someone's life through design is what drives me. It's so important to come home everyday to a house you love.



Q / What is your favorite city? 

The Hamptons! My husband and I met and got married out there so it will forever be the most special place to me. I also love the beautiful architecture and gorgeous landscaping. It's a happy and inspiring place. 


Q / What is your favorite gift to give or receive? 

Succulents and coffee table books ALWAYS!


Q / What is your favorite design element? 

Color! I love to see which colors and tones people gravitate towards for their homes. It's a unique way to get to know someone and can say a lot about a person.



Q / What is a skill you dream of mastering? 


Floral Design! I absolutely love flowers so to be as talented as Michael and Darroch of Putam & Putnam would be the ultimate dream!